Ford Inks New Deal for Use of New Test Bed for Self-Driving Cars


Photo by: MikesPhotos via Pixabay


Ford Motor Company is set to make Miami-Dade County, a county located in the southeastern part of the US, as its new test bed for its autonomous cars.

The American automaker company, along with partners ride-hailing company Lyft, delivery company Postmates, and Domino’s Pizza, will begin pilot programs to check how consumers will react to their semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

Ford partner and self-driving startup Argo AI already has cars in the county, creating HD maps needed for self-driving vehicles. Ford decided to also establish its first autonomous car terminal in Miami, where they will deploy their test fleet.

As the partnership continues, it is possible that more services will be introduced, such as the app-based shuttle service Chariot. 

Ford’s VP of city solutions John Kwant refers the move as the “future of any automotive company or mobility company.” Kwant said that if a majority of the population all over the world will be living in the cities, then they also need to understand how people move around in a city. 

Ford is not the first automaker to conduct test fleets of their self-driving cars. This year, General Motors will also be testing its autonomous cars and Nissan Motor Co. will launch its self-driving taxi service in Japan.