Israeli Ophthalmologists Develops Nanodrops that can Fix Corneas for Clearer Vision


Photo by: Yvonne Bradley via Flickr


Researchers from two universities in Israel have recently developed eye drops that can improve farsightedness and nearsightedness with the use of “nanodrops.” They clarified, though, that the invention has only been successfully tested on the corneas of pigs.

Bar-Ilan University and Shaare Zedek Medical Center ophthalmologists claimed to have used nanotechnology in order to improve the vision of their test subjects. One of the researchers who are a part of the nanodrops study, David Smadja from Shaare Zedek, explained that the patented drops can potentially be used not just to correct cornea but to also replace multifocal lenses. The nanodrops will help people to focus on objects from different distances.

The Jerusalem Post also published that patients are required to use an app on their smartphones so that they can measure the refraction of their eyes. Then, a laser pattern will be created and it will be stamped onto the corneal surface. The Jerusalem newspaper reported that Smadja did not share as to how often the nanodrops should be applied so that an individual will no longer have to use eyeglasses because the vision is already fixed. Further, the Israeli ophthalmologists have not also discussed the additional work necessary to test the nanodrops on humans.

Alongside the team’s nanodrops, Ocumetics Technology Corporation is also currently testing its Bionic Lens that pushes for eyesight beyond 20/20 vision capacity that will potentially prevent cataracts.