BlackBerry World to Become a Free-Only Storefront by April 1, 2018

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Photo by: البصراوي via Flickr


Canadian software company BlackBerry Limited started informing app developers that it will be removing paid apps from their World app store starting April 1st. The company said that they will soon disable the purchasing mechanisms so their marketplace can become a free-only storefront.

BlackBerry says that apps may still be monetized. However, the developer needs to support the payment backends and it should be built into the application itself. The company also confirmed that they will support paid content refunds only until April 30, 2018.  Further, if a developer wanted to choose not to change the app from paid to free, they will forcibly remove it by the end of March. Their customers can also still access the content that they have paid prior to the changes.

Programmer and developer Steve Troughton-Smith posted on Twitter a message from the BlackBerry Storefront Team. “Beginning April 1, 2018, BlackBerry World will move to a free-only storefront,” it wrote. The letter also directs the BlackBerry World vendors that if they wanted to continue with the distribution on the app store at no cost, they should log into their Vendor Portal.

In December last year, the company has promised support of BB10 for at least two more years. With the said announcement, they highlighted that they will be officially closing the app store on December 31, 2019.