Lunar Network Installation: The Moon Will Have Its Own 4G Mobile Phone Network

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Photo by: rkarkowski via Pixabay


The Moon will soon have its own mobile phone network. British telecommunications company Vodafone, Finnish communication and tech company Nokia, and German automobile manufacturer Audi partnered to install a mobile phone network on the Moon. This is according to the British tech news provider, The Register.

Nokia Bell Labs is said to have designed the equipment that will be used by Vodafone in creating the lunar network. With such connectivity, it will enable two Audi rovers to wirelessly communicate. The base station will be located at the  Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module. The 4G network is reportedly intended to support the mission of PTScientists, formerly known as Part-Time Scientists. They are a group of volunteer scientists and engineers based in Germany.

With the use of the present satellites, the PTScientists will live stream HD video content and scientific data from the Moon to viewers on the Earth.

According to The Register, the mission to launch the networking equipment into space will be due next year aboard the Space X Falcon 9 rocket. Nokia has also reported that the network equipment will be incredibly small and will weigh less than a kilogram.

PTScientists’ chief exec Robert Böhme said, “With Mission to the Moon, we will establish and test the first elements of a dedicated communications network on the Moon.” Böhme adds that it may be the first step for an inter-planetary migration.