New App Pinpoints Location of Users Trapped in a Building for Quick Rescue Operation

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Photo By  4363848 via Pixabay

A new app called 911HelpSMS has recently been unveiled and it is said to be capable of providing the users' exact location when inside a building. This way, emergency responders can quickly rescue them.

The 911HelpSMS app developers, Safety Now Solutions, claimed that the application would be helpful for students and will also add another layer of security or protection for children. They also said that it prevents mistakes if a person is already in a panic mode.

Safety Now Solutions’ founder Minh Tran shared that the software types the location of the user so that it speeds up the whole process in a search and rescue operation. The app is designed to detect the embedded data location in a WiFi signal. Then, the data will be sent to the 911 team. The developers also encourage that barcodes can be placed in certain locations, such as classrooms, to make it easier for users to scan in a smartphone that will automatically be sent to the 911 team.

There are various features of the app, such as the Walk Safely. This is a feature that allows friends or parents of the children to watch them as they jog or walk in real time view. Tran also said that the app is now available for Android and iPhone systems.

The app description also reads, “The App will inform you of alternative 911 numbers in other countries.”