Toyota Creates New Company TRI-AD Focusing on Self-Driving Car Software


Photo By CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel

Toyota has recently allotted ¥300 billion to create a new company that will be creating the software for its autonomous cars, according to the Wall Street Journal. This Tokyo-based firm will be called the Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development or TRI-AD.

The Japanese automotive manufacturer shared that they are set to employ 300 workers at the start of the operation, although it hopes that the number will grow to a thousand. Since Toyota has also set a deadline for testing its self-driving cars and electric vehicles in 2020, a part of their goal is to commercially enlarge the availability of their cars. They even previously teased that their development of driverless cars will come with artificial intelligence functionalities that can ease the communications between passengers and the vehicles.

WSJ reports that the main goal of the TRI-AD is to make sure that the software for the self-driving cars will be reliable. 

Toyota Research Institute's leader James Kuffner said that there is already automated-driving software that is being developed in different parts of the world and with different quality. Toyota spokesperson Jean-Yves Jault adds that "the idea is to create a company where we are not bounds by restrictions." That is why they will be needing to employ a globalized group and build a company with a different set of rules.