Waze Carpool App Redesigned to Avoid Blind Matching

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Photo by: Norbertn via Wikimedia Commons


Makers of carpooling app Waze has relaunched a new version of the app so users can see the riders and drivers that are going their way. It says that it allows users to choose the people that they want to carpool with, according to their star ratings, connections, and profiles.

“No more blind matching,” wrote Waze on its blog. It specifies that users can carpool with their mutual friends or people within the same workplace. The new app will also show the distance and price for the route that they will be going. 

Waze makers explained that they have enabled customization of rides by adding filters to their app. This way, users can choose to ride only with a driver of their same gender so that they will also feel comfortable during the commute. 

The company said that they have originally trialed the app in Monterey, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Now, it has also expanded in other places. The feedback from their customers led to the launching of updated features. If their previous GPS navigation software only works to match the pickup and dropoff locations of the riders, now they introduced an upgrade. They stated that they have read complaints from other app crowdsource customers, saying that there are flaky drivers or some drivers don’t show up. That is why they have provided customers to only select the drivers with a high star rating to solve the problem.