UK Gov't to Review Self-Driving Law to Keep Pace with Tech Advancement


Photo By  Negative Space via Good Free Photos


The UK government will review the self-driving law before the actual arrival of autonomous cars on their roads, reported The Guardian.

The three-year review of the law is deemed to be necessary if they are to consider the timetable that chancellor Philip Hammond has set, allowing driverless cars to be tested on British roads by 2021. Said economic strategy means that the country will heavily invest in technological innovation and move past rivals in Europe.

The recent announcement about the law review clarifies that the UK government is also anticipating the use of autonomous cars on their highways soon. When it does happen, it will bring huge challenges to their present law that presumes human responsibility.

According to The Guardian, the Law Commission of England and Wales will be conducting the review of the self-driving law. The Scottish Law Commission will also reportedly determine how the past laws have to be adjusted so that they can cover the issues of autonomous cars driving without a human steering the wheel.

Roads Minister Jesse Norman claimed that it would be a milestone and acknowledged that “driving technology is advancing.” Norman adds that it would be important that the country’s regulations and laws should keep the pace so that they will be one of the world leaders in the field of autonomous cars.