Big Data to Transform How Healthcare Industry Treats Patients -- Infosys Report

Big Data

Photo By Daniel Frank via Pexels

Indian multinational IT consulting company Infosys shared a study that big data will transform the manner that the healthcare industry treats and monitors patients.

Entitled Digital Outlook for Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry, the study shows that big data analytics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are the top technologies that are being employed by life sciences and healthcare firms in different parts of the world.

It highlighted that 72 percent of its total respondents or healthcare firms utilize big data analytics. Although they did not name the firms and countries that participated in the survey, they shared that they comprise seven countries and one of them is India.

The Infosys team said that the purpose of the study was not only to determine the technology trends in the healthcare industries but to also know how technology affects their operations.

It asserted that big data will alter how the healthcare industry is treating patients because of Electronic Health Records, for instance, where paper medical data is less used. “$75 billion will be spent worldwide on information technology related to the remote delivery of healthcare,” said the report, highlighting the use of mobile, email, and video conferencing.

The other technologies that are also assessed by the report include 3D printing, Internet of Things, and blockchain technology.