Amazon Echo is Randomly Bursting into Laughter


Photo By  HeikoAL via Pixabay

Several users of Alexa-enabled gadgets have reported hearing unprompted, strange laughter and Amazon confirmed that they are already working to fix the issue. 

For the past days, people on Reddit and Twitter have shared that Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is laughing without a reason, scaring some of the owners. Social media stories include that of Gavin Hightower who said, “Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh.” One Twitter user, David Woodland, also posted that they were having an office conversation when Alexa just laughed. “It was really creepy,” Woodland adds. Many also responded to the trending social media moment and started unplugging their Alexa-enabled gadgets.

Although there are different third-party devices that function with Alexa, the laughter concerns seem to be limited to smaller Echo Dot and Echo, which Amazon also acknowledged. The electronic commerce company stated, “We’re aware of this.” However, it did not elaborate on the problem. They did claim that the planned fix will mean disabling the “Alexa, laugh” command and alter it into “Alexa, can you laugh?”

Some view that it may be a glitch or the Echo microphone is just sensitive enough as to misinterpret a command requesting the gadget to laugh.