Scientist Shares Secret Recipe for Creating Nanoparticles


Photo by: Amikosa via Wikimedia Commons


A researcher from the Texas-based Houston Methodist recently shared his nanotechnology recipe  -- one that makes it easy and affordable to create nanoparticles.

Claiming that his recipe will help empower various laboratories in the world to create nanoparticles that will lead to an advanced and quick way of delivering biotherapeutic drugs to people, Ennio Tasciotti, PhD, said that since he cannot answer all of the questions as to how their system functions, he decided to give away the recipe. He said that the recipe is about making biomimetic nanoparticles.

Tasciotti, who is the director of the Center for Biomimetic Medicine, authored the paper as to how other laboratories can also standardize their nanoparticle production. With the help of his colleagues, he said that the recipe will guarantee reproducibility and stability of the nanoparticles. This will also increase yield, he adds.
The researcher claims that putting out the recipe for others to use will remove the need for using multi-million dollar worth of facilities. Instead, they introduced “relatively affordable” and readily available benchtop equipment. This will pave the way toward manufacturing nanoparticles in an adjustable, low-cost, and controlled manner.

Tasciotti said, “We provide step-by-step instructions so that now everybody can do it.” He said that generally, nanoparticles are made via cryptic protocols and it would often be impossible to affordably and consistently reproduce them.