Playstation Software Update Allows Parents to Limit Children’s Play Time

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Photo by: CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel


Sony is making it easier for parents to limit their children’s time in PlayStation with its latest software update called Play Time Management, reported Independent UK.

The company’s system software update adds a tool that allows adults to set a time limit for their kids so that once game time is used up, it can no longer be played. This means that a game console can only be played for a certain number of hours or a specific amount of time. Once the set time is near, the child will receive notifications, indicating that time is running out. The parents also have the option to extend the time using their computer or phone.

According to the international daily, the Play Time Management feature can be turned on easily. In the settings, there is Family Management option or the other method is to log in to the PSN using a PC. Users will then set the game time. 

This software update was introduced by Sony amid the growing concern as to how internet-enabled gadgets and computers affect children. Investors of Apple, for instance, asked that Apple should make sure that their products should not be damaging to children and they requested that the company should provide parents with more control as to how their technology is being used.