IBM Launches PAIRS, a Geospatial Data Analytics Platform

Big Data

Photo by: kirkandmimi via Pixabay


IBM’s research and development division IBM Research has recently launched a cloud analytics service called Physical Analytics Integrated Repository Geoscope to connect various apps with big geospatial data, covering population changes, weather, satellite, and maps. 

The PAIR Geoscope was first restricted only to scientists, but IBM has now launched it for all developers so they can also test the resource. It is said to be the company’s answer to the combination of large structured and unstructured data. In a 2015 paper entitled PAIRS: A scalable geospatial data analytics platform, the IBM Watson researchers described that it was built on big data tech HBase and Hadoop.

“PAIRS manages automatic data download, data curation, and scalable storage,” wrote the researchers in their abstract.

According to the researchers, PAIRS is supposed to remove the “dirty work” from the searchers and data acquisition for insights in various data sources and in multiple data formats. They said that there are several available datasets that include IBM’s PAIRS, such as data from the Terra and Aqua satellites of NASA, the government data on soil, data from US Geological Survey, and weather forecasts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

IBM also said that the PAIRS platform contains petabytes of data although it declined to detail the figure for the combined datasets size. 

Users of PAIRS can also reportedly upload proprietary data in order to combine with present data layers.