Lyft Tests Self-Driving Cars in US’ Largest Autonomous Vehicle Testing Track


Photo by: Tony Webster via Flickr


Transportation company Lyft is determined to catch up with its competitors in the self-driving game. Recently, it announced its partnership with GoMentum Station, the largest secure testing track in the US for autonomous cars. Lyft said that the partnership will allow them to speed up their timeline towards making the cars available for public use.

Lyft’s VP of engineering Luc Vincent said that they believe in a future where driverless vehicles make transportation more accessible and safer to everyone. “By partnering with GoMentum Station, we’re able to test our self-driving systems in a secure facility,” Vincent adds. He also said that the partnership has allowed them to advance their tech efficiently.

The closed test facility of GoMentum is where the local transportation agency also brings tech companies, academics, researchers, car makers, and other field specialists to create new ideas in transportation and test if the vehicle can perform it.

Toyota and Acura have both put autonomous vehicles via GoMentum’s 5,000-acre training ground with course challenges. 

Lyft has also partnered with other companies that are working in autonomous car technology such as Ford,, Waymo, General Motors, and Nutonomy. It has also opened its own software and hardware engineering facility that is primarily dedicated to the development of Level 5 autonomous vehicles.