Android Wear to Wear OS: Google Hints a Rebrand


Photo by: CC0 Public Domain via PxHere


Google may soon rebrand its smartwatches, currently named Android Wear, to Wear OS, according to Yahoo! News. 

The new name of Google’s line of smartwatches was first noticed by a Reddit user who was said to have received a pairing notification and it featured the Wear OS name and a logo that is Assistant-like.  “[I] noticed a new android wear logo while setting up my watch,” the Reddit user claimed. The notification received by the Reddit user was generated by the Google Play services that allow its users to interact and find the devices and services that are near to them.

While Yahoo! News did not indicate that a formal change of name may be near, it claims that the change of brand in the notification suggests that it may soon happen as Google prepares to release the Android P. The news provider said that the technology company has not released a formal explanation about the matter yet. It also said that Google may just want to avoid the label of Android since they wanted to limit it to Android devices only and not to smartwatches.

The possible rebrand is seen by others as an important step by Google, given the present market state of smartwatches. Even the International Data Corporation recently published that the global wearables market has continued to increase and Apple has already seized the leader position.