California’s Crash Reports Show Locals are Attacking Driverless Cars


Photo By  bardjudith via Pixabay

Some people in California are attacking autonomous cars, according to the crash reports that were filed with the country’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

In one report, a driverless Chevrolet operated by the General Motors’ Cruise car division was waiting at a traffic light before crossing the pedestrian when a man ran across the street with a “do not walk” symbol, shouting to the left side of the car’s rear bumper and “hatch with his entire body.”

DMV’s report said that the episode did not really cause injuries to the person but the car has sustained damage. The department said that although the car was in self-driving mode, there was still a person sitting behind the wheel since it is required by their law. 

The second incident occurred when a self-driving car stopped behind a cab when the taxi driver stepped out of his car to approach the Cruise AV and assaulted the self-driving car. The Los Angeles Times reported that the autonomous car was left with a scratch because of the incident.

Chevy Bolt Cruise and General Motors have not commented on the incidents yet, but the reports show that humans were not harmed. Instead, the humans were the ones harming the driverless cars, which others say is an unusual sight in the state.