The Power of Big Data Needs to be Unleashed for All, Says Big Data Expert

Big Data

Photo by: TayebMEZAHDIA via Pixabay


There is a need for an alternative so that big data should not be concentrated in large companies alone, says European research infrastructure on social mining and big data analytics SoBigData’s project coordinator Fosca Giannotti. This alternative is by opening up the access of big data for analysis by non-specialists to be used in social good.

Giannotti claims that big data’s capacity of tracing human activities and capturing activities through IT services comes with both benefits and risks. As such, she encourages the use of their virtual environment in SoBigDdata to support other non-experts in creating their experiments.  People like economists, researchers, innovators, and decision makers are included. She said it is fully unleashing the “power of big data analytics for all.”

According to her, people are normally fascinated to use IT services and they are donating their data to these companies. This also means that scientists can use the data in studying human behavior. The risk is that the data becomes centralized in bigger companies. However, if big data will be accessed by non-specialists for their analysis, it may be used to examine topics like epidemics, public transport, and medical research. 

Giannotti, who also serves as a research director at the Information Science and Technology Institute in Italy, said that SoBigData provides non-specialists in big data analytics with access to facilities in algorithm libraries, data toolkits, and huge datasets that are provided by various European research groups that have experience in big data analytics.

Giannotti has been the coordinator of different European and national research projects, taught data mining at international universities, and co-edited the book Mobility, Data Mining, and Privacy.