Qualcomm to Pump Up IoT in India


Photo by: Sturm via Wikimedia Commons


Qualcomm wants to focus more on IoT through collaborations with startups that will develop use cases for industries and consumers in India. This is apart from its effort to continuously work with international and local handset players in bringing out more 4G LTE feature phones.

Qualcomm Asia Pacific & India’s President Jim Cathey said during the Mobile World Congress, “You will see us spend more time on IoT.” He also said that as 5G technology will be introduced in India, Internet of Things businesses will benefit from it. This is because the Indian government will also want to help their communities, said Cathey.

The American chipmaker is said to be already working with other infrastructure players and telecom operators in India in testing 5G network devices and technology. Cathey continued that what would drive for the 5G-related innovations is the intense competition among telcos in India, emphasizing the present “tremendous” competition among the different carriers.

Reliance Jio Infocomm is a new 4G entrant in India that has become the first telecommunications company to launch a narrow-band pan-India IoT network in collaboration with Samsung. To drive use cases of IoT, it is working with several companies and vendors in the said country.

Meanwhile, India’s leading telco Bharti Airtel is also releasing consumer IoT products.

Cathey said that for the next few years, their company may allow the public to access the 4G network even while using low-cost smartphones and feature phones.