Demand of Autonomous Cars May Increase with the Help of China -- Volkswagen Exec


Photo By  Philip Jägenstedt via Flickr

China could play an important role in driving demand for driverless cars, said Volkswagen head of electric mobility, Christian Senger.

During the Geneva Motor Show 2018 media roundtable, the Volkswagen executive told journalists that VW is expecting China to adopt regulations that will incentivize the use of autonomous cars. The country even offers electric car subsidies and it may soon adopt the same thing for cars with a certain autonomy level, Senger adds.

The VW official said that today, one needs to have the electric drivetrain, local production, and a minimum range to get the subsidies. He also claims that there are several indicators that may change the level of automated driving needed in order to get the subsidies. “The future of our market success is also dependent on our self-driving abilities,” he continued.

If China enacts new regulations, it may be a major leap to put self-driving cars forward. Putting a certain level of automation in order to get the subsidies will also encourage sales and development of autonomous cars. Aside from these, China would also need to make standards for the measurement of autonomy levels, said Automotive News provider, The Drive.

China’s advantage with regard to the use of self-driving cars is not only in the form of subsidies.  TÜV Rheinland, a German company that provides technology certification and inspection worldwide, released a study that claims Chinese consumers trust more the use of autonomous cars than people in the US.