Dunkin' Donuts Introduces Mobile Ordering via Google Assistant

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Photo by: m01229 via Flickr


Google is working with American doughnut company Dunkin' Donuts to enable doughnut mobile ordering via their Google Assistant application, reported The Verge.

According to the daily, the reward members of Dunkin' Donuts through their DD Perks program can now link their personal account to Google Assistant. After that, they can already order using their voice, and the technology is available for both Android and iOS users.

To enable mobile ordering of Dunkin' Donuts, users just need to type or speak on their Assistant app the words “talk to Dunkin' Donuts.” The DD mobile ordering bot will automatically take over the job of ordering from there. Although the transaction data may be stored in the DD Perks account, the users will have to start anew when ordering and not just say re-order the previous transaction. 

Google will also be responsible for confirming the order contents and location. Users will also be provided with delivery estimates using Google Maps. 

Although it may not be a groundbreaking move for Google, Dunkin’ fans out there will reportedly find it easier to have a cup of coffee or a breakfast sandwich brought at their doorstep without even the need to raise a finger because a voice order will do.