This Chrome Extension Authenticates Logins through User's Unique Typing Pattern

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Photo By  nattanan23 via Pixabay

New-York based startup TypingDNA has introduced an alternative to a two-factor authentication process to protect the user’s various online accounts. It is a chrome extension that analyzes the typing pattern of the user and confirms if it is really the person typing.

The usual two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the user because it does not only need a username and password but something that the user possesses, such as a piece of information or a phone verification number.  TypingDNA’s CEO Raul Popa explained, however, that the present two-way authentication process is a “bad user experience” because no one wants to really use a different device. That is why they have introduced a solution that is unique to every individual - their typing pattern. 

The company shares on its website that they are using a proprietary AI to analyze the typing pattern of the individual. It is a technology that analyzes how one takes to reach a key or how long the key is being pressed down. The chrome extension lets one type their username and password and once it matches the typing pattern, then you can log in to that computer or account.

TypingDNA also said that the user no longer needs a phone to authenticate but the verification codes are directly prompted in the browser.

The team recognizes that “people tend to type differently” if they are using a different keyboard. They recommend that they just type as normal and natural as possible to maintain their unique typing patterns.

To set up the authentication process, TypingDNA’s site offers a step-by-step procedure and guide.