Wheelchair-Accessible Routes Added in Google Maps

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Photo By  MabelAmber via Pixabay

Routes that are accessible via wheelchair will now be visible on Google Maps. The app update will be available in major metropolitan transit centers all over the world, including  New York, London, Boston, Sydney, Mexico City, and Tokyo.

The tech giant said that Google Maps users can now view directions that are specifically catered to those with mobility issues. They claimed that it will help people navigate on public transit. In its blog post, the company said that Google Maps was first created in order to help people explore and navigate, whether they are traveling on a bicycle, on foot, or by car. However, trains and city centers “presents a challenge” for those with mobility needs. 

Google’s solution is to provide the wheelchair-accessible routes, wherein the user simply has to key in their desired destinations. From the “Directions,” there is an icon of public transportation. Under the “Routes” section, a user just has to tap the “Options” and there they will find the wheelchair accessible locations, wrote Google.

Google said that people from different parts of the world have helped them provide the accessibility information to make Google Maps better. They shared that last September, the Local Guides group gathered to answer questions relating to accessibility, such as whether a place has an accessible restroom or the location has a step-free entrance.