Alexa’s DeepMusic Plays AI-Generated Songs


Photo By  Andres Urena via Pexels

DeepMusic is the new Alexa skill that enables users and listeners to ask a virtual assistant in playing songs that are generated by AI.

All of the music that will be played by Amazon’s digital assistant does not need human intervention because artificial intelligence will do the work. As per Amazon’s website, the music was generated from the deep recurrent neural network and a collection of audio samples.

The electronic commerce company also said that they use AI in creating the art of the displays and skill cars on Echo Dot and Echo Show. For users to get started, they simply have to say “Alexa, open DeepMusic” or “Alexa, tell DeepMusic to play audio” and it will automatically play AI-generated songs. 

One customer on Amazon’s DeepMusic page reviewed that “the music itself is interesting,” sharing that is sounded like an electronic piano and had a robotic feel to it.  With a login name GreenJello, the customer said that the music is a bit surreal because you are asking the artificial intelligence to play music composed by AI.

Another customer review with an Amazon account name Mr. Kenneth W. Weiss reviewed that as he himself is a songwriter, he finds the music enjoyable like a child banging out the keyboard but in “perfect key.”