24-Hour Staffless Robotic Bookstore Operates in Beijing


Photo By  zncwn via Pixabay

Beijing, China has a new robot bookstore that readers can visit any time of the day or night and there is no need for human interaction. The bookstore only requires a quick face scan so the customer can already access a selection of books.

As reported by China Daily, the 24-hour bookshop called Xinhua Life+ 24 Hours Unmanned Wisdom Bookstore has a robot cashier, replacing the need to employ human staff. As customers enter the bookstore, they need to login their WeChat account information and have their faces scanned before accessing the bookstore. Then, the robot bookstore provides “humanized” and “precise” book suggestions that are based on the customers' purchase histories.

The China Daily said that although the robot bookstore may not be the first automated store run in Beijing, it is the first of its kind that operates 24 hours unattended.

The robotic bookstore stretches an area of 30 square meters and is located in Beijing International Book City. There is also a shelf space that is meant for Pocky snacks, Coke, and Snickers. Their book selection includes the novel The Three Body Problem written by Liu Cixin and the biography book of Steve Jobs authored by Walter Isaacson.

China also has plans of opening 20 similar robot bookstores this 2018, said the daily.