Tesla Model X’s Autopilot 2.0 Update Navigates Ultra-Narrow Bridge


Photo By Jeremy Buckingham via Flickr

The latest autopilot feature of Tesla Model X P100D enables the car to accomplish a feat of crossing a narrow and long bridge on its own. The Autopilot 2.0 feature allows the car to pass through the bridge without having to disengage its autosteer and no intervention from the human driver, based on a video shared by Tesla X owner Bonnie Norman on her Twitter account.

According to Norman, her all-electric SUV was equipped with the latest autopilot feature 2.0 and with firmware v8.1 2018.10.4. She tested the vehicle in the Hood River bridge connecting White Salmon, Washington and Hood River, Oregon in the US.

The nearly mile-long bridge of Hood River is known in Norman’s area to be a challenging structure to drive on. She said that even the local riders of motorcycles generally keep away from passing through the bridge because it has narrow lanes and the metal grate patterns are also visually confusing. With the recent test of the AP2.0 feature, it gathered positive reactions from internet users. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk even liked the video.

Norman also expressed that she is “super happy” with the latest autopilot feature and that the car handled curvy roads “with ease.”