US Confirms Russia’s “Cyber Activity” Targets American Infrastructure

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Photo By ItNeverEnds via Pixabay

US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security accused Russia of attacking significant infrastructure in America, including water processing plants, aviation systems, and nuclear facilities. 

The US Government released an alert Thursday, revealing about the “cyber activity” of the Russian government that targets their “infrastructure sectors.” The report also details various attempts since March 2016, where the Russian team reportedly targeted even the government entities. “DHS and FBI characterize this activity as a multi-stage intrusion campaign by Russian government cyber actors,” reads the US alert TA 18-074A.

Private security companies and US officials saw the cyber attacks are a sign by Moscow that it may disrupt the critical facilities of the West in case there will be conflict, which was also published by The New York Times. They reportedly claimed that strikes have accelerated in 2015, which was also the same time when Russia interfered in the US election.

According to the US report, Russian hackers were able to access machines that also linked to “critical” control systems of the power plants. They also pointed out how these hackers even went as far as shutting down or sabotaging the computer systems that guided the plants’ operations.

The report also highlights that both FBI and DHS wanted to educate the “network defenders” to further improve their ability to detect and mitigate the exposure to said malicious activity.