Dating App Bumble Sued by Match for Patent Infringement

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Photo By KUT Austin - 90.5 FM via Flickr

Match Group, an American internet company that owns several dating websites, including Tinder, OkCupid,, and PlentyOfFish, is suing dating app Bumble for patent infringement. Last year, Match Group was in talks with Bumble to purchase its networking service, according to tech news site Recode.

The report said that Match filed the lawsuit, accusing Bumble of infringing a pair of patents that are held by Tinder. One patent referred to the Matching Process System and Method, wherein users swiped cards and mutually chose each other. The second patent is the Display screen that has the graphic user interface. Match described it as the ornamental portion of their Tinder’s application. The company is also pointing out the similarities of the descriptions of “swiping” in the Bumble app as to the registered trademarks of Tinder.

A spokesperson from Match claimed that the company has invested creative expertise and significant resources in the creation of its products and that they are working to enforce their property rights.

While others view that Match may still want to acquire Bumble’s service but is just going for an unconventional method, representatives from Bumble have not yet commented on the issue. Last November, Bumble refused the $450 offer of Match.

Tech companies file lawsuits for patent infringements most of the time. Just last week, Blackberry also sued Facebook for patent infringement.