Israel’s New Research Lab Uses Big Data, Cyber Tools to Prevent Cybercrime

Big Data

Photo By  rgaymon via Pixabay

A new research center in Beersheva, Israel called the Center for Computational Criminology will use big data to fight cybercrime in the country.

During the ceremony for the launch of the research center, Ben Gurion University President Rivka Carmi and Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh revealed their cooperator plans to fight cybercrime. According to them, the center will serve to develop big data, advanced cyber tools, and AI for their goal to happen. They said that cybercrime has exponentially increased in the past years because even rogue governments and criminals have taken advantage of the anonymity that cyberspace provides in order to cloak their activities and gain sizeable profits.

The lab’s researchers will work with the cyber investigators of Israel’s police, as claimed by the head of the research center, Prof. Lior Rokach. Prof. Rokach is the present chairman of the BGU Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering. He is also an AI expert.

Alsheikh also said that their “next big breakthrough” is to analyze the big data in order to discover and predict the patterns to prevent cybercrime. The Police Commissioner adds that for the past years, the revolution of AI has proven to be more significant than DNA testing in terms of law enforcement because it provided them with new evidence sources and unprecedented tools for investigation.