Fitbit Exec Publicly Trash Talks Apple Watch


Photo By Oliur Rahman via Pexels

The chief financial officer of Fitbit, maker of activity trackers and wireless wearable technology of the same name as its company, recently said in an investment conference that he has "yet to meet anyone who owns an Apple Watch who’s passionate about the product.” At the heart of his anecdotal observation, he thinks that Apple Watch doesn’t really excite people. This was according to CNET.

During the Roth Investment Conference in California, Fitbit’s CFO Bill Zerella said that people have an Apple Watch because they own an Apple phone. The daily also claimed that Zerella considers Apple Watch being “stuck” in its niche. However, while Apple has never been about getting the biggest share in the market, it targets the most-high value clients to purchase their products with a healthy margin. Apple has not commented on the Fitbit executive’s words.

Meanwhile, the sale of Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch wasn’t also a “stellar,” said CNET. Financial news provider Barron’s, also said that Fitbit has been looking for a turnaround. It has teamed up with various health insurers and is eyeing to be a healthcare company more than just a devices company.

Global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation recently published that the sales of Apple Watch jumped 57 percent and Fitbit’s sales declined 17 percent