Chinese Tech Titan Tencent to Set Up Robotics Lab


Photo By  FEI KUANG via Flickr

Chinese tech titan Tencent, the company behind the country’s biggest chat and social networking platform, WeChat, is opening a robot research lab in Shenzhen, China. The robotics laboratory will reportedly be called Robotics X, according to an AI-based platform that tracks China’s innovation, China Money Network.

The plan for the robot research lab was announced during an AI event and the company said that they will explore for an exciting new technological frontier that may potentially have a big return. 

Tencent is already known for its research into various kinds of artificial intelligence algorithms and even competes with DeepMind’s AlphaGo in its own FineArt. It is also a Go playing computer program that shows deep learning neural networks combined with the algorithms. Still, the company is addressing the challenge of interacting the AI software controls systems with real objects, which also feeds back into AI research on language and vision. That is why it is building its own robot research laboratory.

Tencent’s vice president Forrest Yao also quoted Stephen Hawking’s “Be curious, don’t just give up,” when elaborating about the company’s vision in the AI industry.

Robotics X is said to be attached to the Technology Engineering Group of Tencent, but the company did not disclose more details about the laboratory, like who will be in responsible for its operation and other tasks.