Be like Ninja: Video Game Player Earns US$500,000 a Month Playing Fortnite

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A cool half million dollars is what video game player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins earns from streaming the Fortnite video games he is playing, according to Andy Chalk, writing for PCGamer.

In an interview with CNBC, Blevins disclosed that much of the revenues come from Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers, as well as his huge following on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He said the combination of all these things is where the accumulated revenues are coming from. Ninja admitted that the deals from Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime are incredible, with the latter allowing gamers to demand loot and amass loot from specific games. Twitch Prime has struck up a deal with Fortnite, currently the most popular video game, and the main reason why there is a lot of traffic on his streams.

In spite of the success he achieved playing video games, Ninja’s advice to streamer wannabes is to persist in their studies and not quit school and follow in his footsteps. He said that he did not resign from his job at Noodles and Company nor stopped going to school even when he became a professional video game player. Ninja reminded all gamers that they just cannot drop everything and focus on playing video games as a profession as it was starting to become a very competitive career choice. They need to secure their future and must have the extra time to devote to playing video games, Ninja added.

It is a tough act making a living out of playing video games but it is not hard to understand why a lot of young people would like to duplicate Ninja’s feat. They get to earn US$500,000 a month and play with the likes of Drake. Both Ninja and Drake set a new record of 541,241 views for a single Fortnite game played on