Google Launches Try Now Button in the Play Store

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Photo By Jan Persiel via Flickr


Every week, new games are released in the Google Play Store for millions of Android users to enjoy. Unfortunately, each Android user has a preferred taste of gameplay and downloading every game just to try it is very inconvenient. So, Google decided to introduce the “Try Now” button, which was released before for apps, in the Play Store to allow users to give games a test drive without downloading them.

Can Your Device Work With It

One of the main effects of the new button allows users to know if their devices can support certain apps and games because not many people have the capacity to purchase high-end Android smartphones, which is commonly required to play high-graphics 3D games. The button can serve as a test to determine if the low-range or mid-range smartphone lags, stutters or hangs when using an app or a game. The overall performance of the device depends on the amount of RAM and the existing processor and graphics card.

Is It Worth the Bandwidth

Some internet service providers in certain regions offer internet connection with limited bandwidth volume. This is a major problem for those who want to stream on YouTube or download new apps and games. The new button helps users to try apps and games by consuming a small number of data, compared to downloading it. The only drawback is the apps and games only bear limited features.

Does the Game Offer a Great Experience

Developers always upload a sample video about the apps and games they are offering. Users who have seen the trailer may get interested and when they download it, they expect to get a positive experience. With the new button, users can observe both the stability of the app or game and experience the features without the need of downloading it.