IoT Solution System to Provide Safe Flights for Pets


Photo By Scott Betts via 123RF


Airlines allow the transportation of pets in the aircraft cargo. However, the problem with this setup is that the owner has no idea of what is happening to their loyal companions. A company called Unisys used the Internet of Things to help pet owners in monitoring their pets wirelessly.

Digi-Pet IoT System for Pet Owners

The Digi-Pet solution system uses IoT to provide specially-designed services for pet owners, such as:

- Smart sensors that can be attached to pets to monitor vital stats including temperature, vibration, light, and oxygen levels.

- Automatic alerts sent by the sensors to alert the pet owners and airline staff for any needed action.

- Schedule bookings for pet shipments using the mobile application.

- Communication access between the pet owners and airline staff.

- Customer service support for any inquiries

“Unisys Digi-Pet uses innovative IoT technology to enable air carriers to offer niche pet travel services, allowing them to enter and capture a high yield growing market while improving customer experience and loyalty as pet owners don’t need to find specialized pet or other transport modes for their needs,” said Venkatesh Pazhyanur, the senior industry director of Freight Solutions at Unisys.

Aside from the features mentioned above, the IoT solution system also enables pet owners to use the sensors to see and talk to their pets, as well as monitor the environment where their pets are in. These features are very important, particularly in airlines that have records with in-flight animal deaths.

United Airlines just suspended their pet cargo service after reports revealed that in one year, the airline company had double the number of in-flight animal deaths. But the company clarified in a statement that the suspension does not affect pets that travel in the aircraft cabins. They also announced that issuance of specific bag tags will start in April for better identification of in-cabin pets.