Google Assistant Allows You to Send Money with Your Voice

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Photo by: Kaufdex via Pixabay


Google is allowing users to request or send money via their voice as it brings Google Play to Google Assistant on iOS and Android smartphones. This feature is currently available in the US. The company also said that “in the coming months,” the same feature will be available on voice-activated speakers, such as Google Home.

Google Play’s Product Manager Sam Kansara wrote on a blog, “You can easily send or request money from your contacts - for free - using the Assistant.” This means that starting today, Android and iPhone users in the US can just say words like “Send Jane $15 for lunch today” and Assistant will guide you through the steps on how to send money with the use of Google Pay. To receive the funds, it needs that the recipient will also set up a Google Pay account.

According to Kansara, users can send to anyone that is listed in the contacts. In the event that the recipient has not set up an account in Google Play, the creation process will be provided by Google Assistant. Kansara adds that once the app is already installed, the recipient will receive a text message, a notification or an email so that they can cash out. 

Kansara also said that funds will be transferred “almost instantaneously.”