Hong Kong Plans to Use AI to Identify Landslide Risk Areas Faster


Photo by: stokpic via Pixabay


Hong Kong’s Geotechnical Engineering Office is planning to use artificial intelligence in making weather predictions faster and more accurate, reducing the impact of disasters in the hills around the HK region. This was according to GovInsider, an international community that provides news relating to public sector innovation across the Asia Pacific.

Responsible for the geotechnical engineering activities that are related to safe and economic utilization and development of land, the GEO is said to prepare for extreme weather in the future because of climate change. The team’s senior geotechnical officer Ivan Ho said that AI will help geologists in doing a first screening of the images to determine potential risks of a landslide in the areas. Then, the artificial intelligence will also shortlist these areas so that geologists and engineers will pay closer attention to it.

Ho said that without the use of AI, mapping and identifying these hills in Hong Kong are time-consuming because they have to do it manually. The geologists will study the territories’ aerial images to identify the risk of landslide. He said that with the use of machine learning and AI, they can “identify” landslide risk areas faster.

Ho adds that they are also trying to use cloud technology and IoT in order to make everything faster, real-time and that the said data can also be available to their people, giving early warnings, especially those who live near the hills.