Toyota Halts Autonomous Car Tests After Fatal Uber Accident


Photo By ArtisticOperations via Pixabay

Japanese car company Toyota announced that it will temporarily suspend the testing of its self-driving car tests following the fatal Uber self-driving crash that caused the life of a woman in Arizona, US.

Toyota said that there may be an “emotional effect” of the incident on the test drivers. In a statement, the carmaker said that its autonomous vehicle research company Toyota Research Institute is pausing the Chauffeur mode test so that drivers can emotionally process the tragedy. Although it said that they will resume the test at an appropriate time, they also said that they are still monitoring the situation and have not shared the timeline of the restart of the trial.

In a statement, the company said that they “cannot speculate on the cause of the incident or what it may mean to the automated driving industry going forward.” It said that the temporary suspension of the test means that they will give more time to settle “feelings” and to have a “sense of balance.”

They said that all testing of its autonomous cars on the public roads, like those conducted in US States of Michigan and California and in Japan will be put on hold. 

Like Uber, Toyota has safety drivers behind the wheel of its self-driving cars when doing the test although these drivers are not really expected to maneuver the vehicles.