Delta Airlines Mulls Plan to Make Employees Don Robotic Suits for Safety


Photo by: SNSF Scientific Image Competition via Flickr


Delta Airlines is exploring a possibility of equipping some of the company’s employees with robotic suits to augment strength and safety.

Being an initial member of the Exoskeleton Technical Advisory Group, the American airline is considering the best ways to bring a full body industrial exoskeleton system to their workforce. Delta’s Chief Operating Officer Gel West said, “There is no greater responsibility we have than to keep our people and our customers safe.” The COO continues that X-TAG is an “innovative” opportunity for them to protect their people from injury because there will be an additional layer of protection and strength on them.

X-TAG is currently led by Sarcos Robotics, a global developer of robotic technology. Sarcos Robotics’ CEO chairman Ben Wolff shared that the need to deploy a robotic suit that will enhance human strength, precision, and endurance and reduce injury is more “proximate” than what most people think. He also said that industry experts and thought leaders have already joined them to create the most productive, safest, and cost-effective workforce to provide them with safety requirements guidance to make sure that they meet the needs of the industry for commercial deployment.

The existing exoskeleton systems of Sarcos are “highly dexterous” and “energetically autonomous,” said Delta. These suits are also easy to put on and take off.