Waymo’s CEO Says Their Tech Would have "Handled Uber Incident Safely"


Photo by: Grendelkhan via Wikimedia Commons


The CEO of Alphabet’s autonomous car development company Waymo said that they would have handled the situation safely, after being confronted with the incident regarding the Uber self-driving vehicle that struck a woman crossing the pedestrian. 

During the National Automobile Dealers Association in Las Vegas, Waymo’s CEO John Krafcik said that what occurred in Arizona was a tragedy and no one could have watched the video without being affected by it. He adds that “We’re very confident that our car could have handled that situation.” Furthermore, he said that Waymo staff were “heartbroken” and shocked when the news of the accident broke on March 19. 

Krafcik pointed out that people have joined their company because they wanted to solve problems like such an accident and to see it happen is “tough.”

The March 18 collision raised questions about the safety of self-driving cars in general, and specifically of Uber. Krafcik told the auto dealers that stopping the car before someone is hurt is what the autonomous system is designed in situations like that. 

Waymo is considered to be ahead of its competition in the creation of autonomous vehicle tech because it has already worked on driverless cars since 2009 and driven 5 million miles or 8 million km on the public roads.

The investigation of the federal safety regulators and the police regarding the Uber accident still continues. Companies developing self-driving techs, such as Toyota Motor Corp., General Motors, and other startups, are also waiting whether the accident would result in new restrictions on the sector.