Google Maps Gains 39 New Languages

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Photo By Ingo Joseph via Pexels

Google has recently added 39 new languages to its web mapping service, Google Maps.

Google Maps’ Program Manager Atsuko Yamagami wrote in a blog post that 14 years ago, the service was only available in English. Today, there are more than 1 billion people using the app in finding the best routes for walking, biking, and driving. The service is also used to discover new places. To make the app more useful, their team has decided to add more languages.

Yamagami claimed that these 39 languages are spoken by about 1.25 billion people in the world, including Zulu, Vietnamese, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Turkish, Swahili, Slovenian, Swedish, Serbian, Slovak, Romanian, Persian, Norwegian, Mongolian, Malay, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Lao, Kyrgyz, Khmer, Kazakh, Indonesian, Icelandic, Hebrew, Georgian, Finnish, Filipino, Estonian, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Bosnian, Burmese, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Albanian, Amharic, and Afrikaans.

In the Ethnologue catalog of world languages, known as one of the top linguistic resources,  there are a total of 6,909 living languages recorded worldwide and Google chose to add the languages that are spoken by large populations.

All the language additions are available in desktop and mobile version of Google Maps on Windows OS, Mac, Android, and iOS. Google Maps initially started off as an app in 2014. From English, different languages have been gradually rolled out over time.