Nvidia Suspends Self-Driving Car Testing on Public Roads


Photo By ETC-USC via Flickr

Nvidia, known for providing technology to various companies in sectors such as bitcoin mining and self-driving cars, is suspending its self-driving car tests on public roads. This move follows a fatal Uber accident, wherein a self-driving vehicle killed a woman crossing a pedestrian lane in Arizona. 

The chipmaker has its own fleet of self-driving cars used for purposes of research and development. On Tuesday, it said that they will not test their cars until they will know more about the Uber incident. A spokesperson for the company said in a statement to CNN that they still believe that “AVs will be far safer than human drivers” and that their “important work” will be continued. Also, their global fleet of manually driven vehicles will continue with its operation, the spokesperson continued.

CNN reported that a reliable source told them that the chipmaker’s decision to temporarily pause the car test is “out of respect” of the incident, not because they believe that the self-driving car technology is unsafe.

Nvidia is testing their autonomous technology globally, including in Germany, Japan, Santa Clara, and New Jersey. CNBC said that Nvidia’s shares plunged after they suspend the car tests.

Last week, Toyota also suspended car testing of its self-driving cars because of the emotional impact the said accident had on their test drivers.