Microsoft Emphasizes Role of AI in Its Major Engineering Reorganization


Photo by efes via Pixabay


Microsoft is reshuffling the leadership of its engineering divisions and AI is referred to as one of the technologies that will shape the next phase of the company’s innovation.

In a major reorganization announcement made by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, his email to employees emphasizes that “AI capabilities are rapidly advancing across perception and cognition fueled by data and knowledge of the world.” He said that the technological changes mean “tremendous” opportunity for their partners, customers, and everyone. That is why their responsibility is to ensure that these benefits of technology will reach people more broadly.

Nadella wrote that the AI + Research division that they formed two years ago will remain intact, while their cloud division will have AI components. He explained how AI + Research in Microsoft grew by 60 percent during its first year by bringing additional teams from other parts of Microsoft.

The technology company also announced that two new teams will be focused on AI and these groups will be outside the research part. These teams will be under Scott Guthrie’s Cloud + AI group. The new groups are AI Perception & Mixed Reality, to be led by Alex Kipman, and AI Cognitive Services & Platform, to be led by Eric Boyd. Eric and team will be working closely with AI + R, says Nadella.

Among other steps, Microsoft will also be investing in tools and strategies for addressing and detecting bias in artificial intelligence systems. They will also implement new requirements established by the General Data Protection Regulation to ensure that they act responsibly for their partners and customers.