Instagram Ends Support for Apple Watch App

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Photo by Alexey Boldin via Shutterstock


Instagram has recently abandoned its Apple Watch app, leaving users without the means to check their photo feeds on their wrist.

The Apple Watch app of Instagram was one of the original social networking applications that debuted during the early days of watchOS. It allowed users to see the latest photos from their timeline, view alerts, and comment via Apple Watch. However, the app has not been updated in years. For instance, it did not work in LTE or Wi-Fi despite the smartwatch gaining the capacity to load applications without an iPhone nearby. Further, despite FB offering Messenger support on Apple Watch, Instagram did not add a messaging feature.

As the photo-sharing application ends its support for its Apple Watch app, it now follows other well-known companies that also eliminated its Apple Watch apps. These companies include Amazon, Google, Slack, and Twitter. 

Many consider that what people really need out of the functionality of the Watch is a good notification support, wherein in some cases removing some apps followed the usability improvement of the smartwatch.

The move by Instagram is likely due to the new restriction that Apple Inc. is requiring. As of April 1st, Apple Watch apps need to use watchOS 2 SDK or later. Instagram for Apple Watch was created during WatchKit 1.0 when third-party software was not able to function natively on the smartwatch itself.