Apple Patents VR Headsets that Alter what Passengers See Outside Car Windows


man wearing virtual reality headset/ Photo By SFIO CRACHO via Shutterstock

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently published an Apple patent that explores the intersection of self-driving cars and virtual reality. It is a VR system that can be used by riders of autonomous cars to transform the interior environment of the car, mitigating motion sickness, the patent reads.

The patent, applied by the company in September 2017, details that the VR system will replace the views of the real world with a virtual environment. “The VR system may provide virtual views that match visual cues with the physical motions that a passenger experiences,” wrote Apple.

The American company also proposes for at least one VR controller that will generate the content and mechanism to be projected into the windows of the car. Then, the visuals could be synced with the motion sensors and an “active seat.” By doing this, it will merge the physical effects of vehicle driving, like stopping at a red light or turning around the corners, into the virtual environment.

The technology company also noted that passengers have the option to have a “relaxing” virtual experience, including soaring over a place using a hang glider, floating down a river, chasing a car, and driving through a post-apocalyptic location where there are zombies attacking.