Google Invests in Japan-Guam-Australia Undersea Cable System

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Photo by: mjmonty via Flickr


Google recently announced that it is investing in the Japan-Guam-Australia Cable System, in addition to the company’s submarine network family for a “more reliable” and “faster” cloud network between South Asia and Australia.

In a blog post, the technology company claims that their JGA cable system will be composed of two fiber pairs that will connect Japan to Guam. Then, another two fiber pairs will be connecting Guam to Sydney. The cable system will offer a deeply scalable capacity to their customers of Google Cloud Platform and other users.

They also shared that JGA will be co-built by Alcatel Submarine Networks and NEC Corporation. NEC also published in its site that the cables will likely be ready for commercial use in the fourth quarter of 2019 and that the undersea fiber optic cable system will provide a capacity of more than 36 terabits per second.

As of the JGA-South segment, it will be developed by RTI-C, Google, and AARnet and the JGA-North segment will be handled by RTI-C. Overall, the segments will comprise a total of 9,500 km or a nearly 6,000-mile stretch.

“We continue to invest in strategic routes, many of which require crossing oceans,” said Google Network Infrastructure, Michael D. Francois. He claimed that as they deliver videos to their YouTube viewers, GCP services to establishments, and directions to their Google Maps users, a reliable and fast infrastructure will make a big difference.