Apple Developing Curved iPhone Screen and Touchless Control


Photo by: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr


Apple Inc. is working on two new pieces of technology for its future iPhones: one is a curved display and the other is a touchless gesture control. This was according to Bloomberg as shared to them by people familiar with the matter.

The two projects by Apple are reportedly in their early stages of research and development but are seen as approaches to help the tech giant differentiate its “most important” product in a market that has become increasingly crowded with other gadget brands.

With the use of control feature, iPhone users can do tasks, such as moving their finger closer to the screen without really touching it.  Apple is also working with displays that curve inwards from the top of the device to its bottom, said the daily. Although iPhone X has an OLED screen that slightly curves at the bottom, the shape is not so much as visible to the human eye.

As both features are still in their early stages of development, Apple still has the option not to go forward with such enhancements. A spokeswoman for the company declined to comment on the matter.
Apple’s rival, Samsung, has already provided both versions of the technologies that Apple is working on. Galaxy S4 has Air Gestures that allow users to scroll a web page and browse photos by just swiping above the model, while Air View functions like the 3D touch of Apple. The latest Samsung phones also have a curved display.