Honeybot Keeps Factories Safe from Hackers


Photo by: typographyimages via Pixabay

A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a robot called Honeybot to protect industrial facilities against digital troublemakers.

The small robot is designed to fool hackers into thinking that it is a vulnerable technology that is only performing industrial automation tasks. However, Honeybot serves as a decoy because once it detects a successful breach, it will sound an alarm and will also assist the IT security professionals in preventing a more intense cyber attack. This was according to a post by a global community of engineers, ENGINEERING.com.

In a factory setting, Honeybot will simply sit motionless in one corner and will spring to life when a cyber attack occurs or a hacker attempts to access the decoy. It is a visual indicator that a malicious actor is trying to access the facility.

The robot takes its name from honeypot, a decoy computer system that tracks any hacking methods. The Georgia Tech team applied the same concept. Once hackers gain access to the decoy, they will leave behind important data that will assist companies to continuously secure their networks.

“The idea behind a honeypot is that you don’t want the attackers to know they’re in a honeypot,” said Raheem Beyah, Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Interim Steve W. Chaddick School Chair and Motorola Foundation Professor.