Waymo-Honda Partnership on Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle Nears a Final Deal


Photo by: Web Summit via Flickr


Waymo and Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. are now nearing a partnership deal to develop an autonomous vehicle, reports Bloomberg.

In a business move that will test their ability to compete in a $164 billion logistics market, the daily reports that the partnership’s deal will “be coming soon.” Waymo’s chief executive officer John Krafcik told Bloomberg that people should not expect that their new service will take on a form of a traditional car that is driven on the roads.

Krafcik also hinted that the Honda model may help move goods and people. Its size may be also smaller than a truck and could be introduced without brakes and a steering wheel.

In December 2016, both Waymo and Honda have acknowledged their negotiation talks.  However, almost two years after, the partnership was not made official. If the plan will bear fruit, Honda will become Waymo’s third auto partner. 

The former Google self-driving car project has previously inked deals with Jaguar and Fiat Chrysler. There’s no also no date yet when the first Waymo-Honda offering will be available to the public. Krafcik just hinted to Bloomberg that the vehicle will be co-created from scratch instead of modifying an existing car model as it has been done with Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar.