Expected Rollout of Tesla Model 3 with Dual Motor in July -- Elon Musk


Tesla X and Tesla 3 Models unveiled / Photo by: Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons


Tesla’s CEO and Chairman Elon Musk recently announced that they will likely begin producing the Tesla Motor 3’s dual-motor version in July, according to Business Insider.

While the American electric car maker has already accelerated its production for the Model 3 sedan in the past months, the firm confirms that they are only manufacturing and selling one version of the said vehicle. Tesla customers who opt for the Model 3 version with a dual motor can expect to see it arrive in mid-2018. This was linked to the timeline shared by Musk on his Twitter account. 

“So, probably July,” he wrote, replying to a Twitter user who asked if anyone can tell him when will Tesla make the dual motor. The CEO also replied that they will still have to produce 5,000 Model 3s each week before they add the complexity that may hamper Tesla’s production ramp. When another social media user asked him when the white interior will be available, the Canadian-American business magnate replied that it will be based on a “similar timing.”

Tesla previously said that it will target to produce 2,500 Model 3s every week before the end of the quarter. This goal, however, fell short as it started producing 9,766 Model 3 cars for its first quarter and added 2,020 during the final week, said the daily. Overall, the production of Model 3s increased compared to their 2017 fourth quarter record.