Early Warning System Uses AI to Stop Danger before It Starts


The Visitor Center of the University of Texas in Dallas / Photo by: Stan9999 via Wikimedia Commons


Artificial intelligence is now being used by the University of Texas at Dallas students to stop mass shootings before they even start.

The team developed the iNotify, which is an early warning system that uses AI. According to the Texas-based news provider, NBC DFW, it is capable of analyzing the security camera video to detect real threats and weapons. UT Dallas’s student and a computer science major Ashlesha Nesarikar said that the system can recognize in real time if there is someone posing a threat to the community or if a person is wielding a weapon. “We are using this new technology to save lives and reduce the loss of lives and injuries,”  the student adds.

Nesarikar shared that once the system recognizes the weapon or determines what is really going on from the security camera video, it sends a notification to emergency responders and law enforcement. The student also shares that they are now developing the smartphone app that will receive the alert of said system and they are expecting the app to be launched before 2018 ends.

The idea of making iNotify started when an attacker stabbed four students in UT Austin, where one of those four were killed. Nesarikar said that the 911 call was made only after five minutes. “So, you had five minutes where people were being hurt,” Nesarikar continued.

The  University of Texas-Dallas student also shares that there are already several entities interested in using the iNotify in their establishments.