Seek, an App That Identifies Animals and Plants in Photos

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Photo by: Free-Photos via Pixabay


A new app has been released that will offer outdoorsy types of people the chance to identify the animals and plants they encounter and capture in photos.

Recognizing that there are many naturalists in the world and that many of these people record what they find, iNaturalist has released the app where users simply have to upload the photo that they took and the app will identify it using image recognition. The app will match the photo with more than 30,000 species collected in the database and if there is a match, the user earns a badge.

The badge that the app provides allows the users to earn their way up from being a beginner called a “Tadpole” to becoming an expert called an “Explorer.” iNaturalist wrote on its site that “Seek encourages outdoor exploration.” It also pointed out that it harnesses the image recognition tech to help people identify and collect photographs of as many species as they want. 

As the app user also becomes more engaged with the wildlife around them, there will be cool facts provided about the plants and critters that may even be living right at the user’s backyard.

iNaturalist is a site where nature lovers can discuss and share their ecological findings with each other.